Vernon J Fields
2018 Candidate
2nd Congressional District of Kansas

Hard working - Passionate - Committed

Let's take KANSAS
All the way, with Vernon J

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Vernon's Message

2nd Congressional

This campaign is all about


Keeping All Neighborhoods Safe And Secure

It is my firm belief that the 2nd Congressional District of Kansas deserves a representative who will be held personally responsible for limiting the impact of government on our choices and freedoms, defending our great constitution, and improving the quality of life for all residents of Kansas.
As this campaign continues to move forward, you will find my platform will always be grounded and guided by my faith in humanity, supporting the sanctity of life, encouraging personal responsibility, limiting government, and in support of our State and Federal Constitutions.
As a member of Congress, I will work hard to create living wage jobs, improve the quality of education, the quality of health care, and make public safety a top priority. I know you may have heard this from many people seeking your vote in the past.  All I can say is changes in the district also affect me, and I am committed to working for you.  Therefore, I am asking the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District of Kansas to assist me in the endeavor of working to make our overall quality of life in this district better by voting for me.
We are all intrinsically tied to one another, and there is no escaping the fact that we must continue to improve the quality of life for all Kansans.  Every day, we are all faced with issues such as continually rising health care cost, unexplained spikes in our taxes, as well as a constant increase in crime and terrorist threats.  I know there are many other inequalities of many sorts that we have to deal with every day of our lives.
If I am elected as your representative, I will consistently seek solutions that focus on the betterment of you (the constituents of the 2nd District).  However, I know I cannot do it without your support.  I believe you are a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States and I would like you to consider casting your vote for me as your congressional representative.
I am asking for and seeking your help by joining with me on this journey to become the next representative for this great district.  With each contact I have with members of this district, I am continually inspired to do my best as your elected official; I am offering my hard working approach, which is guided by my dedicated passion, commitment, and my character as a testament to you.  I believe if I am elected I will work tirelessly to effectively serve you and address your needs and concerns in Washington, D.C.  
I pray you will find more about me in the following pages of my Campaign Website and my Campaign Facebook pages.  Please share with me how I can earn your vote by joining this campaign.  Please check out the 'Volunteering' page for ways you can help me in becoming your next representative.  As I end this message, I have to say I would love to be your representative.  Finally, I believe in this great state and want to share my motto with you - Let's go all the way with Vernon J.

Well, let's get started, let's make it happen.  A vote for me is a vote for


Keeping All Neighborhoods Safe And Secure

April 13, 2017
Vernon J. Fields enters race for Congress

My name is Vernon J. Fields and on February 14, 2017, I entered the race as a candidate for the United States House of Representative for the 2nd Congressional District of Kansas.   Please click the button below to read more.
Vernon J. Fields enters race for Congress
Basehor City Council member running for Congress

A Basehor man has filed as a candidate for Congress.

The election will not take place until 2018. But Vernon Fields said he chose to file early so he can start earning name recognition.  By John Richmeier /   Please click the button below to read more.

Running for Congress


I invite you to become a volunteer and work with other people who care about the future of our state, District and the success of this campaign.

We are running a professional and aggressive campaign and every dollar contributed to the campaign will be used efficiently and effectively to deliver our message to voters.